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10 Questions to Ask About Your Workplace Culture

Culture drives success. You hear it over and over.

So here are 10 questions that I think might help you assess your workplace culture and challenge you and your team to think about just how successful your culture really is.

1.  Are you proud enough of your workplace to recommend it as a place your own children and best friend should come and work?

2. Does your workplace live up to the hype and promises offered in your help wanted ads?

3.  On Monday mornings, do you feel like you HAVE to go back to work, or do you look forward to going back to work because you WANT to be there?

4.  Rather than having the life energy and your soul slowly sucked out of you over the course of a work day, do you sometimes feel more energized after a day of work?

5. On a scale of 1-10, where 10 represents a rockin’ fabulously inspiring workplace,  what score do you think your team members would all give?

6.  Are people on your team committed to either a higher sense of purpose in their work, to a sense of community, or merely to a pay check?

7. If your workplace was recreated on a reality TV show, what would the show be called?

8.  What legacy is your organization going to leave behind 5 or 10 years from now?

9. What legacy are you going to leave behind when you retire or move on?

10. If your workplace environment could be summed up by a single slogan on a t-shirt, what would the slogan be?

Michael Kerr,   Humor at Work, June, 2011

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