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12 Ways to Add Humor to Your Tweets

12 Ways to Add Some Humor to Your Tweets!

If you want to get noticed and re-tweeted then add a little humor to your Tweets, at least now and then.  Humor helps humanize your corporate image,  get your message across, and helps you stand out from the herd to be heard.

There are hundreds of ways to add humor, but let’s start with 12 easy ways to add a little humor into your Tweet mix:

1. A funny quote of the day.  There are humorous quote dictionaries and online resources galore, so finding a source should be easy.  Better though to make the quotes relevant, so try to find ones that relate to your area of expertise or profession.   Or if you have a real character working with you – quote there quirky observations.

2. A short, clean joke. Again, strive for relevance.  If you can’t find jokes that link to your business, look for opportunities to change the joke to make it match your area.

3. An amazing statistic or quirky piece of trivia related to what you do. People LOVE trivia, so start a file to collect strange pieces of trivia, unusual facts, and weird statistic related to your expertise or business.

4. Tie in a wacky holiday or theme day to what you do. For example, tell people how your office is celebrating “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Go to for a listing, or download an app for your I-pod that lists the unusual holidays.

5. Share funny customer questions. You don’t want to insult your customers, but if you do it in a tasteful, not overtly mocking sort of way, this is always a good source of fun.  When I was a park ranger, for example, I collected thousands of questions such as, “At what elevation does an elk become a moose?” or “How many undiscovered lakes do you have around here?”

6. Share your own bloopers. Nothing makes us more human and keeps us more humble than when we show we are willing to laugh at ourselves, so when you do a bonehead thing, why not share it with the rest of the world?

7. Tweet a link to a funny video. Again, strive to link only videos that relate somehow to your business.  Better still, post a funny video on your website to drive visitors to your site.

8. Ask a funny or unusual question. Strange questions are a great way to get some strange conversations going with your followers.

9. Upload funny photos from your office. Maybe it’s just a photo of one of your colleagues acting silly, a photo from a company party, or a funny sign you saw on the way to work, but posting a funny photo works, because as someone wise once said, “A funny picture is worth a thousand laughs.”

10. Offer an offbeat tip. Ultimately, people will follow you if you offer them good tips and advice that they can actually use, so look for a few offbeat, funny tips you can throw into the mix. 

11. Hold unusual contests for unusual prizes.

12. Send people to your own top-11 lists. (Never make it a top-10, it’s too passé.  Top 9.5 or top 11 or top 17¾ works much better. )

Any other ideas?  Send them along to

Michael Kerr, The Workplace Energizer, runs Humor at Work.  Michael is a Hall of Fame,  international speaker and the author of six books, including Putting Humor to Work and Inspiring Workplaces.  Follow him at, or cruise by Mike’s website at to sign up for his weekly e-zine, Humor at Work. Or watch his web shows at www.Humor at

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