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Break This Summer BEFORE You Break!

Breaking Up is Sometimes Too Easy to Do, So Take a Break!

We interrupt our usual format at Humor at Work because it’s time

for our annual summer break. Now a recent survey I came upon

suggests fewer people are taking their vacations than ever before,

which prompts the question, “What’s wrong with these people?”.

So I  want to remind everyone that at those times you feel like it’s

simply impossible to slow down and take a break, is when you MOST

need to! You need to take a break BEFORE you break! And when you

consider that July is official Anti-Boredom Month, Ice Cream Month, Picnic Month,

Baked Bean Month, and Hot Dog Month, how could you

not take a break? Even if it’s just a “stay-cation” in your own


Of course, if your work schedule doesn’t permit you to take a

summer break, then use this summer season to commit or recommit

to upping the fun factor in your workplace, to exploring creative

ways to instill a greater sense of work/life balance and to

reenergizing your workplace culture!


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Instead of a “curse jar” which some families use, create a

“jargon jar” at work wherein anyone who says any trite or

overused workplace buzzword, jargon phrase or acronym has

to pay a dollar into the jar, which then goes towards your

social fund or fun at work committee (which I know you all

have by now). This could be a fun way to raise some moola

and encourage people to speak using straight forward language.


Deep Thought to Hold You For the Summer

“The best place to be during an earthquake is bungee jumping.”


It’s a Wacky World

Today is “Let it Go!” day. So go on, let it go. See how good

that feels? And tomorrow, June 24 is Handshake Day, while

Friday June 25 is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

To get regular updates on these wacky holidays and other tips,

fun thoughts and inspiration on a daily basis don’t forget to

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