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Humor at Work: Fun Ideas for Fun at Work Day!

Fun at Work Day

April Fool’s day is also Fun at Work day, so why not do something

that more and more workplaces around the world are doing, and

set aside an hour this Friday to plan some simple events or

ideas that will help you put more humor into your workplace.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Here are a few harmless pranks OR just foolish things you can try

this Friday, April 1st:

– Page yourself on the intercom and announce you’ve won a prize

– Phone up your boss and say, “I’m too busy to talk right now,”

then hang up

– Leave a fun voice mail message for everyone the night before

– Hang a pair of Grouch Marx glasses in the washrooms for

everyone to try on and see how they look

– Bring in clown noses for everyone

– Change your e-mail signature for e-mails you send to colleagues

to something totally outlandish and see if anyone notices

– Hold a wackiest tie, scarf or hat contest

– Require everyone share a quick, clean joke to gain admittance

into the office or any meeting this Friday.

– Hold a “fun dance” contest and give a prize to the best dancer

– Send out a fake meeting agenda with preposterous agenda items


Quote of the Week

“There is a foolish corner of the brain in the wisest man.”



It’s a Wacky World

Today is official “The Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side

of the Fence” day. So take a moment to stop and appreciate all

that’s good in your life, and perhaps take another moment to water

your neighbor’s lawn, because evidently it really needs it.


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011

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