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Humor at Work: Humor Buddies and Brain Trusts

Much has been written lately about the tremendous growth of

mentorship programs in the workplace, and about how successful

these programs are at not only helping new employees but also

in providing seasoned employees an opportunity to expand their

skills and stay inspired themselves. But a traditional mentorship

program is just one of many workplace relationships that can

benefit employees greatly. Here are some other interesting

relationships that you may want to nurture in your workplace:

– Develop a relationship with a few trusted people with whom

you could swap problems. Often people are better at seeing

solutions to other people’s problems, so try trading problems

with a colleague you respect and give each other a week or so to

come up with solutions to the other person’s challenge.

– Create “reverse mentorship” programs, wherein brand new

employees gain confidence by mentoring a more seasoned employee

on an area of expertise the new employee brings to the team.

– Firestone, Edison and Ford met regularly to brainstorm business

challenges, so create a brain trust (as they called it) of

diverse people that you can call upon to meet with regularly to brainstorm

and discuss challenges in confidence

– Foster a partnership or mentorship-type relationship with

someone uniquely focused just on work/life balance and stress


– Find a “humor buddy.” Someone either inside or outside the

workplace with a great sense of humor that can help you with

serious emergencies. Someone who can make you laugh or give

you a more realistic perspective in the face of a stressful



Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Create a fun, fast-paced video around the theme of a “day in

the life of your workplace”. In addition to being a fun team

building project, the video can be used to recruit new employees,

as a marketing tool for your customers, or as a fun orientation

welcome video for new employees and their families.


Quote of the Week

“If only closed minds came with closed mouths.” Unknown


It’s a Wacky World

768 Croats got into the Guinness Book of World Records by

creating the world’s largest human smiley face in a downtown

square in Zagreb, thus heading off an invasion by intergalactic

hostile aliens.


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