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Boost Creativity, Destroy Silos with Job Swap Days

Southwest Airlines has a “Walk-a-Mile” program where employees

can sign up to work a day in a totally different department.

Many organizations have such programs, and find tremendous value

in them.

Not only do swap days help employees develop new skills and

clarify different career path options, they also help break

down barriers, build trust, foster new relationships, and

improve communication. What’s not to love about this simple

idea? The other reason I love them is they also provide great

opportunities for creative ideas to hatch. Many ideas are born

out of a change in perspective, random associations and

from the cross-fertilization of different ideas that happens

when people who don’t ordinarily work together spend some time

working side-by-side.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

The annual “Dance Your PhD Contest” recently took place, wherein

PhD candidates, you guessed it, dance their PhD. The goal

of this wacky event is to encourage people to communicate their

research in a fun way that is easy to understand. As well, an

event such as this takes “the stuffing” out of an otherwise very

heady, sometimes overly-serious endeavor. So if those brainy,

sometimes earnest PhD candidates can take themselves lightly,

how about trying this idea in your workplace as a dance contest

at your next meeting or conference event? The dance doesn’t have

to be the entire presentation, simply offer up a prize for the

one minute dance that best matches their presentation content.


Quote of the Week

“So long as there’s a bit of a laugh going, things are all right.

As soon as this infernal seriousness, like a grassy sea,

heaves up, everything is lost.” D.H. Lawrence


It’s a Wacky World

An employee has filed a harassment complaint in a U.S. company

over his boss’s refusal to laugh at any of his jokes! Presumably

a panel of comedians will be convened to assess the quality of

said employee’s jokes and determine whether or not the boss

owes their employee a retroactive laugh or two.


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