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Silliness at Work

In Praise of a Little Silliness

There’s an escalator at the Milwaukee convention center that

has a button next to it that reads: Push to Play Polka. You can

then enjoy listening to a nice polka as you ride the escalator.

Reminds me a bit of the Volkswagen Fun Theory campaign I wrote

about last year, where subway riders were enticed to opt for

the stairs over the escalator once piano steps were installed.


Both of these ideas are rather, well, silly. Yet, we often

dismiss the idea of being silly at work as something that

is inappropriate and unprofessional. But we need to remind

ourselves that a little silly is sometimes just what the

workplace doctor ordered. Being a bit silly, especially in an

overly-serious situation, can relieve stress, help a team bond

and keep everyone engaged during an especially crazy time. Not

to mention that virtually every brilliant idea ever conceived,

began its life as nothing more than a silly little thought.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

We’ve all heard about “random acts of kindness” as a simple

pay it forward gesture. Here’s a slight twist on that idea:

Hold a contest for the best anonymous random act of kindness

pulled on someone in your workplace. At the end of the month

(or week) people share what random, fun kindness was done

for or to them. The most creative, outlandish or fun act wins a

prize. Of course, at that point, the anonymous do-gooder will

have to step forward to reveal his or her identity!


Quote of the Week

“I think your ability to be effective is proportional to your

ability to relax.” Premal Shah


It’s a Wacky World

Next Wednesday, November 30, is official “Stay at Home Because

You’re Well Day.” I’m giving you plenty of notice so you

can plan accordingly.


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011

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