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340 Ways to Put Humor to Work

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Boost morale,  increase sales, improve customer service, manage stress, enhance teamwork,  improve communication,  spark creativity, and create a truly inspiring workplace with the help of this checklist of 340 great ways to put humor and fun to work in any workplace.

A great incentive or thank-you gift for employees OR clients,  and a great way to ignite inspiring ideas, generate lively conversations, and spark even more ideas.  Perfect for team leaders,  health and wellness committees, culture committees or ANYONE who wants to work in a more energetic, successful, less stressful and more fun workplace!

The ideas are listed in 11 different categories including areas such as employee motivation,  adding fun to meetings, managing stress with humor,  and using humor with your customer service.   The e-book also includes 47 tips on how you can grow your sense of humor, and find “more funny” in your life on a daily basis.

Use the e-book to generate even more ideas, to help you launch a fun at work team, to launch brainstorms at meetings,  to reward people or teams, and to send the message to the rest of your team mates that you encourage and value balance and sanity and humanity and safe fun in the workplace, and that you really do put people first where you work.

Considering that the number one kind of workplace employees say they are MOST reluctant to leave is a fun working environment,  $14.95 is frankly, a stupidly low investment.  I mean  really, if you get just one or two solid ideas from it, think of the money you might save, and the great benefits you’ll get by putting some of the ideas into practice!

Available immediately for download for the ridiculously low price of $14.95 plus applicable taxes.

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