Additional Ways Michael Can Add Value: After the Event

  1. 30 days of inspiration: A great way to make sure his inspiring messages stay alive is Michael’s 30-Day Inspiring Workplaces program: a 2-minute video narrated by Michael and delivered to your team’s in-box each day for 30 days following your event. It’s a cost effective way to make sure the ideas stick! And if you pre-register we’ll offer a great discount on the price as part of a bundled package with the presentation fee.
  2. Customized follow up video package. Many of Michael’s clients say how great it would be if they could take Michael to work every day! Well, we’ve got a cost-effective solution that’s almost as good: Follow-up customized videos tailored to your team, department or entire organization, focusing in on those messages and topics you want reinforced. It’s an ideal way to make sure the messages stick, and it’s a great way of including employees who couldn’t make it to the event. Two videos-a-month, monthly, and quarterly packages are available.
  3. Follow-up webinars. Dive deeper into a specific topic with a follow up webinar or webinar series.
  4. One-on-one or team coaching with Michael to go even deeper and help your team get the results you need and deserve.
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