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After-Work Activities That Guarantee a Happy, More Productive Employee

Guest Blog courtesy of Social Monsters: It’s Wednesday, your employees are looking a little ragged, and it’s only the middle of the week. As an employer, you try to keep your employees morale up around the workplace by offering incentives, bonuses and accolades. But what about after work?

Rather than have everybody meet up for happy hour each day, try one or more of the after-work activities listed below. By doing so, you’ll have happier employees and better work performance, guaranteed.


Most cities have a place that is within realistic driving distance to get away from the city, and get outside. Hiking a hill in the suburbs, fishing at a lake in a park, or just going to a place with no buildings around and nothing but trees and businessman doing yoga in officebushes and grass to breathe in clean air is sometimes all an employee needs to just relax. It’s a great way to unwind and clear the mind after work, according to the mental health charity Mind.

Get Riding

Instead of breathing in the air on foot, employees could breathe the in air while riding. Suggest cycling or motorcycle riding. Remember to stress the importance of using proper safety equipment and gear for the activity. Employees with these similar interests could get together after work and go to a destination where they can get back to nature. Bike riding is great physical exercise and motorcycle riding is very soothing to some. Either way, this activity is uplifting and can boost spirits.

Have a City-Wide Scavenger Hunt

Don’t scoff. Plenty of adults do partake in scavenger hunts and have a blast. This activity is a little bit different and is sure to be a hit.

The self-guided adventure company, Stray Boots, shows city dwellers new ways to explore their city from a unique, new perspective, and they even have an app for their “game.” A cross between a scavenger hunt and a tour, teams can get together and create their own maps to solve challenges in different locations around their city—from historic districts to trendy hotspots. This unique scavenger hunt game can be played in more than 30 cities across the U.S. and allows employees to vie for a winning title.

Set up a Yoga Class

More than 40 million U.S. adults suffer from anxiety and stress, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Practicing yoga is a great way to manage stress, according to Mayo Clinic. Whether you clear out a conference room, rent a yoga studio or go to a park, setting up a relaxing yoga class for your employees is one of the best ways for them to de-stress after being at work all day.

Yoga combines a form of meditation and fitness for the ultimate after-work relaxation activity. The meditation allows the mind forget about emotional stress and focus on the moment. The stretching and poses help the body focus on posture and building strength. It’s calm and soothing and a perfect thing to do after a long day on the job.

If your employees have positive activities to partake in after work, it will help them relax and boost their morale, thereby making the next work day not only more tolerable, but productive and harmonious, as well.

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