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All Work and No Play Makes You Know What!

1. All Work and No Play . . .

Spontaneous, unstructured play in childhood help children learn,
cope with emotions and develop a range of skill sets needed
as adults. And now a growing body of research suggests that
incorporating a playful attitude at work and engaging in more
play helps people grow their abilities to problem solve, socialize,
analyze, invent and innovate.

Dozens of books on the power of productive play at work suggest
that high-performing teams and individuals engage in a lot of
what’s called “productive play.” Productive play is play with
a specific result in mind. It’s about sparking imagination and
creativity to produce innovative ideas, and it’s about adopting a
playful mindset about workplace challenges and goals to drive
performance and increase productivity. It simply boils down to
this: if adopting a playful attitude can help you win at Monopoly,
chess or tennis, or help you catch a Frisbee better or bowl better,
then why couldn’t the same attitude help people feel more productive, motivated and creative at work?
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip: Plan for Recess!

Thursday, June 18, is Recess at Work Day, so plan an impromptu
break for your team featuring some old-fashioned recess style
games or activities. For more information on Recess at Work
day cruise on over to:
3. Quote of the Week

“Work and play are words used for the same thing under differing
conditions.” Mark Twain
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

Here’s a workplace play activity that we really can’t recommend. is a website devoted to a wacky office sport, where
in two people sit ten feet apart from each other and then throw
a beach ball at each other’s face. Players score a point for
each hit on the face. One of the creators of Faceball actually
claims that “it’s enjoyable getting hit in the face.” Uh huh.
Tossing a beach ball around playfully, a little beach ball bowling
or beach ball volleyball, those are things we could get behind,
but kids, please remember what Mom used to say: “It’s all fun
and games until you smack the CEO in the face with a beach ball.”

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