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An Inspiring Workplace Culture Comes Down to Habits

It’s that time of year.  Another scenic cruise around the sun has  finished, and everyone now turns their attention to the new year with new hopes, new dreams, new goals.And of course, those pesky resolutions you’ve resolved to make.

(Here’s one of mine: I’ve started reading War and Peace. It’s been on my hit list for years, so yes, this is the year. I figure it’s gotta be easier than hitting the gym every morning.)

Creating resolutions and keeping them is of course two entirely different things. Keeping your resolutions is largely a matter of creating new patterns, new habits in your life that will make it easy for you to sustain the changes. According to Charles Duhigg,  author of The Power of Habits, creating new habits can be broken down into three components:  there’s a cue that triggers the habit, the routine of the habit itself,  followed by a reward linked to the habit.

Cue, routine, reward. Rinse and repeat. Cue, routine, reward.

Isolating those three components and changing just even one of them, can be enough to help you create and sustain a totally new habit.

So what do habits have to do with creating a great workplace? Everything!  Building an inspiring workplace is largely a matter of encouraging people to form simple, regular habits:saying good morning in a meaningful way, thanking colleagues, running effective meetings, responding to voice mail messages in a timely fashion, rewarding employees on a regular basis…these are all habits that employees and leaders need to do on a consistent basis to build a great workplace culture.

It’s the simple thing done consistently that builds greatness.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got another 1,397 pages left to read in War and Peace. Did I really say this would be easier than going to the gym?

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