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Annoying Co-Workers are Really Annoying

It’s “Inconvenience Yourself” day, a day set aside to

remind ourselves how often we inadvertently do something

that is inconvenient for others (like when I recently

had a problem with a certain company, and to remedy

the situation they decided it would be best to make

everything as inconvenient as possible for me, just,

you know, as a way of saying sorry).

Speaking of which, a recent survey of Canadian and

American workers suggests employees are getting

increasingly bugged by annoying colleagues. Some of the

top annoying habits included, in descending order of

votes: gossip, messiness in communal work areas, potent

scents, loud conversations, overuse of electronic devices

in meetings, loud cell phone ringtones, leaving the

kitchen in a mess, eating overly stinky food, shouting

across the room and taking supplies without asking.

Wow. It’s like a jungle out there! I’m so glad I work


Seriously, here’s one very simple thing you can do to try

and put a dent in the annoying habits in your workplace:

Conduct your own survey and post the results everywhere

and send them to everyone. Often a little self-awareness

is all it takes for people to stop being so darned annoying.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

As a fun way to remind everyone to stay humble and human,

and to remind everyone we were all just goofy kids at some

point (and yes, some of you, with luck, still are) create a

wall of pictures of your team when they were children.


Deep Thought of the Week

“Best way to become an old dog is to stop doing new tricks.”


It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

It’s also Tortilla Chip day, so please don’t inconvenience

anyone else by eating the last tortilla chip.

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