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Appreciate Your Customers: Holiday Marketing Tips (Beyond Christmas) – Guest Blog

In today’s competitive market, it isn’t enough to remember your clients on Thanksgiving and Christmas; you have to show appreciation year-round. By offering special attention to customers, companies build goodwill and increase revenue. It is a win-win for both the buyer and the seller. If you want to gain an edge, focus on these holidays and occasions for timely promotions and customer-appreciation specials.

New Year’s Daygift

Start the year right by wishing your customers a Happy New Year via email or handwritten note. In your correspondence, include exclusive coupons or a gift card as an incentive to get him or her back in the door during the new year. Especially if you are rolling out new products for the new year, send your customers a free trial or reason to try them out. Another way to show your appreciation is to help your customers keep their New Year’s resolutions. Group your products by common New Year’s resolution categories, such as healthy eating, exercise, meditation, stress relief and happiness, and then advertise them as a way for your customers to stick to their goals.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a great way for you to organize a “Luck of the Irish” promotion. Send your customers free products or discounts that are accessorized with plenty of green flair, shamrocks and the slogan, “This is your lucky day!” Make your customers feel lucky to work with you, and they are sure to come back.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to thank the moms who buy from your company. Deliver a gourmet gift basket to the moms in your clientele to show your appreciation. They will be impressed with the assortment of fruits, sweets and candy that come with these specialized packages and hopefully will remember your company when it comes time to make a referral.

Father’s Day

To honor the dads who work with you, send them a voucher to attend a local sporting event, a steakhouse or a family-friendly venue so they can spend quality time with their kids. For example, offer your customers tickets to the local zoo or to a family-friendly festival or concert. Then, offer them a discount on one of your products that they can enjoy with their children. This way you both honor their holiday and remind them that your business cares.


Halloween is a fun way to get a jump on sales. Pumpkins, candy and cute costumes can be integrated into your holiday season marketing strategy. Ask customers to participate in Halloween-themed contests (like jack-o’-lantern carving) by sending in photos of themselves with their pumpkins. Have your social media fans and followers vote and award a (worthwhile) prize to the first, second and third place winners.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Most people feel special when others remember their special milestones. As a company, wish your client a happy birthday or anniversary to build their trust and keep you top of mind. Send a handwritten card in the mail and add a discount that is valid for their entire birthday or anniversary month.

To capitalize on marketing, businesses need to remember customers during special occasions and holidays. These little touches can go a long way in expanding your client-base and increasing your revenue.

Guest blog by Rudri Patel – a former lawyer turned writer and editor, wife, mother and observer. She has written for Brain, Child; Huffington Post; First Day Press; and Mamalode. She is seeking grace in the ordinary.



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