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April Fool’s Day and Fun at Work Day!

It’s not just April Fool’s Day on April 1st, no sirree Bob, it’s also Fun at Work Day! So here are some of the wackier and/or simpler fun at work ideas I’ve suggested over the last few years that you may want to try out today:

  • Open a meeting by having everyone introduce themselves by spelling their names out using only their hips.
  • Have everyone refer to themselves all day in the third person. (Mike loves this idea.)
  • Drop whatever you’re doing and hold a spontaneous dance party at 3:00 for five minutes.
  • Conduct a humor raid on another team, department or client.
  • Hold a meeting with everyone wearing Groucho Marx glasses. Seriously.
  • Hold an impromptu “stupid human tricks” contest to find out where the ear wigglers, dolphin imitators and closet mimes are hanging out.
  • Hand out “My Name is________” name tags and encourage everyone to write down their alter-ego superhero name.
  • Hold a team paper airplane flying contest.
  • Do the wave at your staff meeting. You know you want to.
  • Pass a joke phone relay: Phone a colleague and leave a short, CLEAN joke that they must pass onto to someone else by phone… and so on…

March 31, Michael Kerr, Humor at Work.  Michael Kerr is an award-winning international business speaker and the author of The Humor Advantage.



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