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Are You Investing in Leadership?

October 16 is  official “Boss’s Day,” which I’ve discovered (courtesy of my wife) does NOT mean that I get to boss everyone around for one day. It’s of course to honor and celebrate the great work of bosses everywhere. It’s worth reflecting on the fact that being the Big Cheese is often a thankless, and at times, lonely position. Remember, it’s not just front line employees that need to feel appreciated and valued. (Mildly interesting fact: Hallmark increased its line of “Happy Boss Day” cards by 28% in 2007.)   It’s also a good day to reflect upon how important it is for organizations to invest in leadership training. Truly inspiring organizations invest heavily in training, coaching and mentoring programs that help turn “bosses” into inspiring leaders. Research from the book Teamwork: What Must Go Right reveals just how important good leadership is to the success of a team:

  • Innovative ideas are adopted 61% of the time on well-led team vs. 23% on poorly-led teams
  • Deadlines are met 83% of the time on well-led teams vs. 33% on poorly-led teams
  • Conflicts are resolved 87% of the time on well-led teams vs. 22% on poorly-led teams

But wait! There’s more! Well-led teams spend 35% less time in unproductive meetings, make 38% fewer errors, burn out 63% fewer people, and reach 55% more milestones.

Leadership matters.  A lot. So what is your organization doing to support, appreciate and develop its current and future generation of inspiring leaders?

Michael Kerr, 2013.  Michael is a Canadian motivational speaker and very funny business and trainer.  His next book due out in 2014 is called, “The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank.”

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