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Are Your Meetings in Coherent?

The Yahoo offices in Santa Clara, California, have meeting room names such as Coherent and Disposed, so that when someone asks where Jennifer is, the person gets to respond, “She’s in coherent.”

To help employees find their way around in a fun way, the meeting rooms at Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters are named in alphabetical order after different geographic locations. In San Francisco, their offices are named for TV shows and movies set in the San Francisco area, such as Charmed and X-Men. And their Washington office includes meeting spaces with names such as, “The Situation Room” and my favorite, “The Secret, Undisclosed Location.”

But hey, why stop at just meeting rooms?  Each bathroom in Google’s Santa Monica office is named after a character from the old sitcom Three’s Company, which was set in Santa Monica.

Look for opportunities to name your buildings, meeting rooms, hallways, floors, elevators and even stairwells in such a way that it’s not only fun, but in a Google-style manner that helps people navigate their way around your offices. You can create the names based on local landmarks, historical or hysterical milestones in your organization, your organization’s values or as a way to honor employees, clients or local heroes.

Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame, international business speaker who helps organizations create more inspiring workplace cultures to drive success.

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