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Ask Inspiring Questions to Create Inspiring Workplaces

Before they implement a new idea or change in policy, Atlanta

Refrigeration Service asks the following questions:

– Is it right for our customers?

– Is it right for our employees?

– Is it right for our community?

– Is it right for the environment?

– Is it what we want to be known and remembered for?

– Does it reflect our values?

– Is it the right thing to do?

What a great idea, for so many reasons! And what a good segue to

let you know about a new Humor at Work e-book for you: “Inspiring

Questions for Inspiring Workplaces,” 365 inspiring workplace

questions in nine different categories. Purchase and download it

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Don’t wait for the movie!


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Set aside time every meeting for a thought-provoking or fun

question of the meeting, drawn from a hat or jar (or e-book) full

of interesting questions. You don’t need a lot of time, you can

always do a speed round of 5 or 10 minutes with everyone giving

their top of mind responses. Or if you have time, delve deeper

and see what ideas people can come up with. This is a great way

to generate discussion, spark creative thinking and curiosity,

break down barriers, engage people and get everyone to consider

different aspects and issues around workplace success and culture.


Quote of the Week

“You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can

tell whether he is wise by his questions.” Nobel prize winner

Naguib Mahfouz


It’s a Wacky World

Here are a few tourist questions I collected in a humor file,

and featured in my book “When Do You let the Animals Out?”:

– Do the hotels allow you to stay overnight?

– Am I lost? How far do I have to go before I’m lost?

– How much time does the 3-hour hike take?

– How many undiscovered lakes do you have around here?


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