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Attitude Reminders

Attitude plays such a key role in workplace success.  So do something, anything, to remind employees that they have the power to choose the attitude they bring into work each day.

Here’s a rather wacky option: The Orlando Peabody Hotel requires that all employees sign a pledge promising that they will not come to work grumpy! What a simple, fun idea to remind people of the importance of bringing along their best attitude to work each and every day!

Now if an anti-grumpy pledge doesn’t do it for you, how about something else simple? A reminder board in a prominent location?  A giant mascot that serves as a visual reminder.  Or start the morning asking everyone how they are doing on a scale of 1-10 to not only check in on folks, but to remind people that they really can start the day choosing to be a nine instead of a three!

Michael Kerr, September, 2012.






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