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Bad Boss? It Could Be Worse!

If you feel like you have a bad boss,  you can always console yourself by reminding yourself that there are even worse bosses out there than yours. And if you don’t believe me, check out this list: “Seven Movie Bosses That Are Worse Than Yours”

Black humor aside,  I always believe that we should learn from bad bosses or bad speakers or bad customer service experiences as much as we learn from the great examples.  The bosses featured in those movies offer a great example of what NOT to do when you become a leader.  In fact, management schools should consider making those movies mandatory viewing!

So why not, as a fun exercise, assign your team the “homework” of watching each one of those seven movies  (maybe one every two weeks?) and then ask people to create a list of ideas and thoughts around the theme “What makes a bad boss?”, and “What do we need to make sure we’re NOT doing as a management team?”.

Remember, bad bosses may make for great Hollywood comedic fodder,  but in real life, there’s nothing funny about a bad boss!

Michael Kerr,,    mike@,    Humor at Work, 2012



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