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Banking on More Fun!

1. Making Banking Fun (no, seriously!)

Several ATM’s in East London, England, feature a “Cockney rhyming
slang” option. If you choose this option, all of the machine’s
prompts will be in, well, you guessed it, Cockney rhyming slang.
For example, instead of the screen reading EXAMINING YOUR CARD,
the screen will read: BLADDER of LARD. If you want to withdraw
cash, the prompt is SAUSAGE AND MASH. If you want to withdraw
TEN, the prompt will read: SPECKLED HEN.

It’s definitely different, and hopefully fun for tourists and
locals alike. And it brings up a challenge: how can you make
an otherwise boring task a little more fun for the user? How
can you use humor to counter a stereotype (in this case stuffy
bankers)in a fun way?
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

If you want to vent your frustration at a fellow commuter or
teammate, or at a customer (after they’ve left the premises),or
your boss (after they’ve left the premises), then practice
venting in a fun, wacky way. Venting, contrary to popular
belief, has not been shown to be good for you, but rather is
thought to increase blood pressure and stress levels, so if you
must vent it’s important to do so in a light-hearted way, lest
thou arteries clog up. So here’s one just way to curse in a
fun way: use the Elizabethan Curse Generator so you can curse
away safely in Shakespearian-style, using such timeless phrases
as, “Thou purpled pinch-spotted minimus!” or the always stinging,
“Thou villainous heavy-handed egg-shell!”. For 388,942 more
Elizabethan curses, go to:
3. Quote of the Week

“Funny people say out loud what the rest of the world is thinking.”
Andy Breckman
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

After robbing a gas station in Kirkwood, New York, the robbers
ran out of gas only a short distance from the gas station.
(Remember people, it’s all about planning.)

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