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IDEO is an award-winning design company that is known as one of the most innovative businesses on the planet. They are also known for their exceptional culture where, as they put it, “people are the magma of the center of our earth.”  Their seven core values are what you’d expect to find in an enterprise focused on churning out great ideas, and they’re seven values that any team or workplace needs to embrace in the pursuit of innovation: take ownership; talk less & do more; make others successful; be optimistic; collaborate; learn from failure; embrace ambiguity.

As you’d hope for a company known for its creativity, IDEO took an innovative approach to communicating their values by challenging seven different IDEO teams from around the world to produce a video that would help bring one of those values to life. Not only is that a great way to communicate your values in a fun way, it’s also a great team building exercise and a fun way to connect across different offices.

To see the results, cruise on over to The Ties That Bind Us.

Michael Kerr, February 19, 2014. 




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