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But Does EVERYONE Feel the Love? (Just Askin’)

The cover of a recent Fast Company magazine referenced a desire by Amazon to become the most loved company in the world. And although hard-nosed business types might dismiss such a notion as “soft,” I think it’s a noble goal for any company to pursue.  And yes, not only is it possible to reap in gazillions of dollars and still be loved, being loved will likely help you rake in gazillions of dollars.

Besides defining just what it means to “be loved,” it’s probably worth considering who’s doing the loving.

There are companies, after all, who may be LOVED by the shareholders profiting from short term investments, but loved by the customers or even the employees . . . not so much.

Take Amazon.

As a customer, I love the convenience…the price-savings…the speedy shipping.

But as an author and publisher, well, not so much.  It’s virtually impossible to get answers to questions from a live human being (in fact, the last check stub I received contained a phone number that had yet to be activated) and as a supplier, well, it’s a money-losing proposition for a small operator to try and sell books through Amazon. Now granted,  I haven’t created Fifty Shades of Anything, but still, it would be nice to at least not lose money. Losing money sort of dampens the whole love connection.

And virtually every author and publisher I know rants about Amazon – love doesn’t seem to be top of mind for these folks.

But shouldn’t organizations aim to be loved, or at least respected and liked by everyone they do business with, including their customers, partners, distributors, contractors,  and suppliers?  Some companies, say, Zappos (bought, interestingly enough, by Amazon) are loved by, it would appear, virtually everyone they come in contact with.  I’ve even heard Zappos’ competitors sing their praises!  And that’s what I call true inspiration.

That’s what I call, sharing the love.

Michael Kerr, Humor at Work.    Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame business speaker and very funny motivational speaker.






















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