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As a Calgary-area motivational speaker, I often get asked the question, “Why do Calgarians have such a can-do attitude?”

It’s certainly true, I point out, Calgarians do have a reputation of being very independent, strong-willed, motivated, can-do types.

But as someone who resides mostly in Canmore, I have to point out that Canmore has an even MORE can-do spirit.  Hence our name, Canmore.

Okay, bad joke. Very bad, and not one I would even stoop to tell in one of my many award-winning motivational talks.

So back to the question at hand. As a motivational speaker who speaks often in Calgary, Alberta, why are people here so darned motivated?

Maybe it’s that pioneering,  “Texas-of-the-north” attitude.

Maybe it’s the fact that Albertans view themselves as rugged individuals who are always spatting (in a nice way of course, Calgarians are very nice)  with Ottawa and the Federal government.

Maybe it’s that Calgary is still shaking off the battle scars from the old National Energy Program fiasco, or perhaps it’s that Calgary is still riding the motivational boos from the ’88 Olympics.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s all a marketing myth started by some enterprising Calgarians.

What’s your theory?  Why are Calgarians so darned motivated? I’d love to hear your answer, especially if it’s a bit absurd or creative.

Please send your best answers to and I’ll compile the best responses!

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