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Can compromising really be a bad thing?

Could compromising ever be a bad thing? Yet, I fear that sometimes it is.  At least it can be a bad thing when you are in the middle of brainstorming truly innovative, bold new ideas for your company.


For the simple reason that often the boldest, most visionary ideas are at the edges. They are the ideas that fall outside the norms, that only a few daring, brave souls would ever imagine, let alone actually put into practice.

Compromise ideas tend to pull us into the muddy, vague and safe middle ground.

Compromise ideas ensure that we don’t take any risks and only try new ideas that have already been done before.

Which means they really aren’t new ideas.

They sure as heck aren’t bold ideas.

So be wary of moving towards the safe, already crowded middle crowd when you brainstorm.

The greatest ideas often arise when we imagine ourselves on the edge.

Michael Kerr, 2011.

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