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Celebrate National Smile Power Day in Your Workplace

There’s one more reason to smile this month.

June 15 is officially National Smile Power Day, a whole 24 hours set aside to recognize all the good that can come from one little facial expression.  It may sound corny, but the simple act of smiling really does have the power to turn your day around.

But smiling is about more than just you. It can turn your workplace around, too.  Positivity is Productivity

Pessimism can be soul-sucking. It saps energy and sends an office into a downward spiral. Conversely, optimism – even when expressed as a simple smile – is contagious and motivating. A genuine smile, especially when accompanied by an appreciative or encouraging comment, can give an employee the energy boost he or she needs to go out there and get the job done.

Happy Employees Stick Around

As anyone in human resources will tell you, people are a company’s most valuable resource. High turnover due to discontent can be financially and morally devastating. Searches and training are time-consuming and expensive, especially if the end result is the same. However, employees who feel valued, empowered and appreciated stick around. A smile can make someone feel all three.

Positive People Play Well Together

In today’s fast, project-based business environment, teamwork is essential. The team that smiles together works well together. That’s the underlying philosophical framework of “Putting Humor to Work.” Positive people are problem solvers, but that mentality has to start at the top. If an employee comes to you with a problem or question, greet him with an open smile and can-do attitude. People will model that positive responsiveness and come together as a team that depends on and appreciates each other.

Smiles Spread Beyond the Payroll

Perhaps the best part about the smiling contagion is that it isn’t easily quarantined. Happy employees make customers happy. Who would you rather trust to do business? A gloomy Gus or someone who’s having fun getting the job done?

Clients can spot a phony smile a mile off. They know who is just trying to make the sale and who is really there to meet their needs. If you’ve successfully cultivated a climate of organic smiles and genuine positivity, you will reap the rewards in customer satisfaction, including an expanded client base directly attributable to word of mouth that will leave you smiling.

So, use this June 15th to launch a new campaign. Embrace the power of the smile. Make it company policy to spread positivity. One little facial expression has done a lot for this world, and it can do a lot in your workplace. You may just decide you want to celebrate National Smile Power Day year-round!

This post was provided Erin Palmer. Erin writes about HR degrees and masters in human resources programs for US News University Directory. For more information please visit .


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