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Celebrating the Year With Your Team

2017 has been a bit, as the kids like to say, “cray cray!” Yes, it’s been a good year to remind yourself to live each and every day as though it was our last, because sooner or later, you’ll be right!

So as the year winds down take time some time this month with your team and your family to reflect back on 2017 and have everyone share their:

1. Top three highlights/wins/milestones of the year.
2. Top three things they are most grateful for in their lives.
3. Top three things they are most looking forward to in 2018.
4. The funniest thing that happened to them or they experienced all year.

Inspiring workplaces thrive on rituals and traditions. Taking the time to do this is a great way to reflect on the year that was, and to remind everyone of what you accomplished.  And reflecting on the next year can help ramp up enthusiasm for the year ahead. It’s also a simple way for teammates to learn more about what their fellow workers have accomplished and to learn more about each other in a fun, simple way.

And of course this also makes for a fabulous tradition to do with your own family and friends.

(And speaking of the start of a new year, check out some ideas on how to make your resolutions actually stick: New Year’s Resolutions at Work That Work)

Copyright Michael Kerr. Michael Kerr is an international business speaker, trainer, and the author of six books including Inspiring Workplaces and The Humor Advantage. 

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