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Celebrate Your Rising Stars

Two weeks ago (aah, those were good times) I wrote about the need to honor your workplace veterans, but what about the employees just starting out? Humor at Work subscriber Alex Castley, from the Integris Credit Union in north central B.C., was recently honored as the “Next Top Credit Union Executive” from a field of more than 100 nominees (congratulations Alex!). This is only the second time that the top designation has gone to a Canadian!  The program is designed to recognize up-and-coming executives (you must be under 35-years-old to qualify) in the Credit Union system who are a force for bigstock-Happy-Businessman-11445590positive change. Alex’s role in contributing to a “FUNancial institute” was just one of the reasons he was recognized.

So what are you doing in your workplace to honor the up-and-comers? One business I know even sends a gift certificate and thank-you note home to all the (predominantly) young job applicants who apply for a job – even when they don’t get the job! Why? Because they believe in supporting young people and they know how difficult it is applying for a job for the first time in your life. They want applicants to leave feeling good about the experience and being good ambassadors for their business.

Captain Michael Abrashoff, commander of the warship the USS Benfold, would send handwritten notes of praise home to the parents of younger crew members who did something of note.

Whether it’s a “Rookie of the Year” award or a “Someone to Watch” honor, don’t forget the importance of recognizing and encouraging all of the young talent in your workplace.

Michael Kerr, Humor at Work.  Michael is an international business speaker who speaks on creating inspiring, thriving, passionate workplace cultures. Sign up for his weekly e-zine, Humor at Work, at


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