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Communicate Creatively with a Web TV Show

1. Stand Out from the Herd with a Weekly or Monthly Web Show

Communication is EVERYTHING, and everything is communication.

So if you are looking for creative ways to deliver your

workplace messages and stand out from the herd, one option is

to start up a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly web video show

featuring timely updates, messages from your CEO, important

safety reminders or heck, letting everyone know it’s Bob’s

birthday next week.

And speaking of web shows (man, is this a smooth segue or what?)

we are pleased to announce the world premier of Humor at Work TV,

conveniently found at Our humble, low-tech

but high-heart, almost-weekly show will bring you great ideas, a

little fun and a little inspiration in a 5-12 minute web show

that we like to call “The Way Work OUGHT to Be TV!” Our irregular

features will include: “Inspiring Workplaces,”, “What a GREAT

Idea,” “Mike’s Fun at Work Tip,” “Customer Service with a Laugh,”

“Mike’s Motivational Minute,” “We’ve GOT to Stop Meeting Like

This,” “Avoid Deja MOO!” and “Ask Mike.”

So please take a few minutes to check us out, and please let your colleagues, family members and pets know. And again, thank-you

for your on-going support and inspiration.

(And by the way, Drew Barrymore and I are like soul mates,

so I appreciate her support tremendously.)


2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Handwritten thank-you notes are on the endangered species list,

which is why writing them has a huge impact. But if you really

want to make a memorable impact (and I know you do), send a

hand-written thank-you note to the home of a colleague.


3. Quote of the Week

“Laughter may be the shortest distance between two brains, an

unstoppable infectious spread that builds an instant social

bond.” Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence


4. It’s a Wacky World

A little travel tip for you: herding cows in England while

intoxicated is punishable by up to 51 weeks in prison. (Don’t

say you haven’t been warned.)

Keep laughing. Stay inspired. And above all else cruise on

Over to

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