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Consulting Employees Improves Engagement

I read a story in the paper the other day about WestJet’s tentative plans to purchase smaller planes and move into smaller, regional communities, thus taking on AirCanada head to head in more places. The line that caught my eye in the article was the mention of having to consult before making a final decision–not with the shareholders, board of directors, or the communities–but with the front line employees of WestJet.

Imagine that! Consulting your employees before embarking on a major business decision!

If I sound a wee bit sarcastic it’s only because so many businesses don’t even think of consulting their most important stakeholder-their very own employees!Not only is it the right thing to do from an employee engagement perspective and communications perspective, it’s also important to ensure you haven’t overlooked any obvious pitfalls, and it’s a way to get real, honest feedback and even better ideas on the issue at hand.

And study after study confirms that when employees are given an opportunity to voice their concerns and share their feedback and ideas in a meaningful way, not only do morale and engagement levels rise, the overall success of the organization improves.


Michael Kerr, January 2012,









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