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Create an Inspiring Workplace by Showing Your Employees the Love

Philip Rosedale, the former CEO of Linden Labs (the company that created the virtual world “Second Life”) used some unconventional methods to engage employees and boost happiness levels at work, including:

1. Because many employees worked in silos and felt unconnected and unappreciated, Linden Labs used an internal software platform known as the LoveMachine, which allowed employees to send notes (which everyone could view) of encouragement and appreciation to fellow employees, as a way of encouraging all employees to praise and recognize each others efforts on a regular basis.

2. He allowed all his employees to rate his leadership anonymously through a very simple question: “Would you rather have a new CEO or keep the same one?”

3. He gave each employee $1000 for them to share with whoever in the organization they felt deserved a bonus. They could divvy it up any way they wished, they just weren’t allowed to keep any of the money themselves. Rosedale felt this freed up leaders to focus on true leadership, rather than focusing their energy on performance reviews.

The end result was a more decentralized organization, and perhaps more importantly, happier, more engaged employees.

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