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Create a Teamwork Charter

Ask all the people on your team to define teamwork and you’ll likely come up with as many definitions as there are members of your team. And yet, every workplace on the planet says they value teamwork. Every HR director wants to hire team players.  Every employee wants to be known as a team player.

But if there are ten different definitions of teamwork floating around your team, how do you know who’s right?  How do you even know what you’re aiming for?

That’s why a teamwork charter might come in handy: a simple one page document that defines what teamwork means to everyone on the team in simple, clear language.

It might only have three principles attached to it. Heck, it’s likely better if it only has three principles. The point is, creating a collective teamwork charter with everyone’s input will force people to think about their definition of a team, encourage a conversation around team expectations, and help set a course for how your team functions.

Michael Kerr, December 20011,

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