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Create a What If Board at Work

So here’s a cool idea I just thought of.  Create a “What If?” board in your workplace.“What’s a what if board?” you ask. Simply a massive bulletin board in a prominent location where folks could pin up thought-provoking, challenging, assumption-busting questions.

Questions that might spark more questions.

Questions that might (gasp!) spark a real dialogue.

Questions that might spark creative ideas.

Questions that might lead to new innovations.

Questions that might force you to change the way you think about your workplace or business.

Questions that might encourage people to be more curious.

Questions that might encourage people to get more engaged in their jobs.

Questions like….

  • What if we had less customers?  What would success look like?
  • What if we banned e-mails on Fridays?
  • What if we voted on everyone’s request for a pay raise?
  • What if we invited our top customers to our next staff meeting?
  • What if children ran our company?
  • What if global warming is not only really happening, it’s far worse than the worse-case scenario?
  • What if we did everything backwards for a day?

You get the drift.  Any and all questions should be encouraged, especially the crazy ones because you never know what wild ideas will arise from wild questions.

And to follow up,  create a “What If  Board” – a group of folks assigned the job, on a rotating basis, of sifting through the questions to see what opportunities and ideas might be buried inside the questions.

Michael Kerr, July, 2011,

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