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Creating a 100% Jerk-Free Workplace

While speaking in San Diego recently, I took the time to interview Reid Carr, the President and CEO of Red Door Interactive. The recipient of many “Best Places to Work in San Diego” awards and accolades,  Red Door Interactive is a company that puts a premium on its culture, focusing relentlessly on their five core values. One of their company values in particular caught my eye: 100% Jerk Free!

What a concept!  It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s direct, it’s easy to understand and it captures what so many employees or wannabe employees desire in their workplace.

Imagine you are a hard-working, creative person looking to work in a dynamic environment – would the promise of a jerk-free workplace not catch your eye?

Reid Carr explained that the value is used in their hiring approach and in how they maintain an atmosphere of trust and teamwork. And the value extends beyond their employees – Red Door has fired clients or vendors who partake in jerk-like behavior. Carr stresses that there is a difference between having a disagreement with a coworker and behaving like a jerk. Healthy conflicts are part of any healthy team and workplace, whereas being a jerk is simply not tolerated.

So have a look at your workplace values. Are they as simple and direct as “100% Jerk Free”? Do they speak to what your employees and potential employees want in a thriving workplace?


Michael Kerr,  February, 2012








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