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Creative Brainstorming – Are You Out of Your Mind?

Creative Brainstorming for Creativity at Work:  Are You Out of Your Mind?

The Semco company, based in Brazil, has an official “Out of

Your Mind!” committee which meets to present “crazy” ideas

that don’t fit the agenda of a normal meeting. The guiding

principles of the committee are to present ideas based on

liberty, respect for others, the power of sharing, and the

sacred right of indolence. If other people DON’T respond

to your suggestion with a loud “You’re Out of Your mind!”

then the idea is considered too tame!

The committee has brought innovative programs to the

company with great success, such as the “Retire a little

bit” program, which allows employees to gradually cut back

on work and ease into retirement.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Try out what P.J. Salvage of Irvine, California does

each day at 3:00 p.m. and add a little civility to your

workplace with a tea and scone break. If every day is a

bit much then try it once a week. Pinky sipping is a must. ============================================================

Deep Thought of the Week

“Best way to become an old dog is to stop doing new tricks.”


It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

Some bloopers from job seekers’ resumes: “Dear sir or

madman,” “I’m attacking my resume for review,” “My

interests include cooking dogs and interesting people,”

and “I was responsible for dissatisfied customers.”

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