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Is Your Workplace Going to the Dogs?

Researchers at Central Michigan University found that groups who brainstormed ad ideas in the presence of  dogs collaborated  more effectively and reported higher levels of trust,  team  cohesion and intimacy than  the dog-less groups!  Of  course,  if you can’t create a dog friendly workplace for whatever  reason, you could always  bring in a pooch for  important  brainstorm sessions…or take your team to the local SPCA.    ================================================================

Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Customize your voice mail message by simply letting folks

know what “wacky holiday” it is on that particular day. It’s

a simple and fun way to consistently add humor without having

to think about it. You can download an app (naturally) that

lists all the offbeat holidays for your I-thingy, or Google

wacky holidays and you’ll find a listing.


Deep Thought of the Week

“Why is it that I never get insomnia during the day time?”


It’s a Wacky World

Here’s a word that was new to me: “irritainment.” Entertainment

and media spectacles that are annoying as heck, but you find

yourself unable to stop watching them.

Keep laughing everyone, because you just never know.

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