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Customer Service Leadership Summit in Calgary, November 15, 2017

Four reasons you & your leadership team should attend:

1. Make price irrelevant.

You already know that in today’s commoditized marketplace, your #1 competitive advantage is your team’s service. And it’s one of the few things you have total control over. This summit is for leadership teams who:

  • Want to create more memorable and meaningful relationships with their customers.
  • Don’t want to settle for merely “good enough.”
  • Want their company’s service to be valued – literally, over that of their competitors.

2. Help Uber-proof your business.

Unless you are a government monopoly, chances are your business model may soon be – if it hasn’t already been – disrupted by some version of your industry’s Uber. That means to keep and grow your market share, your customers can’t be merely satisfied. They need to be fiercely loyal. Take advantage of this opportunity to step back from your daily activities and generate ideas to ensure your customers feel an emotional bond to your brand. And only to your brand.

3. Create buy-in and take action.

You may have found that trying to introduce new ideas to an established business can be challenging. That’s why we encourage bringing your leadership team, and why we offer the chance to reserve tables. Your decision makers get the same message at the same time, you can share ideas over lunch and during breaks, and you can move into action the very next day.

4. Have some fun!

Ever been to a conference where you’re crammed shoulder to shoulder, forced to sit through somebody reading PowerPoint punishment in a monotone that has you wishing you were anywhere but there? Us too. That’s why all of the keynoters are professional speakers who know how to engage and entertain a business audience while sharing relevant ideas. The day will fly by; ending with you and your leadership team being re-focused and recharged.


Wed, Nov 15, 2017
Registration: 8:00am – 8:30am   Program: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Lunch is included.

To register now and for more details visit: Customer Service Leadership Summit


The Glenmore Inn and Convention Centre 2720 Glenmore Trail SE, Calgary, Alberta. T2C 2E6 Ph: 403.279.861


Standard (up to 6 days prior to Summit date) $975
Advance rate (1-4 weeks prior to Summit date) $745
Early-bird (one month or more prior to Summit date) $645

Groups: You’ll automatically receive 10% off the above rates when reserving tables of 6 people or more.


To guarantee your seating register today by calling us at 1-800-566-9288, within Calgary 403-244-9094. Or Register Online:

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