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Effective or Efficient Communication at Work?

There’s a huge difference between being effective at work and being efficient, especially when it comes to communication.

Firing off an e-mail to someone is incredibly efficient, but is it always the most effective way to communicate? Of course not!   E-mails get lost, they get get ignored, and most importantly, they get misconstrued.

As someone once said, “The written word does not smile,”  so e-mails can also create a lot of misunderstanding when the e-mailer tries to use humor.  The receiver doesn’t realize you were “joking” because they don’t have the benefit of seeing your body language and hearing your tone of voice.

Of course, it’s not just the use or abuse of humor that should concern us.

If you have anything important you are trying to convey,  know that the most effective (but not always the most efficient) form of communication, in the long run, is always going to be face to face conversation.

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