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Don’t Assume Everyone Fears Change!

I recently contributed to a piece in Forbes12 Tips on Overcoming Fear of Change.  Dealing with change, managing change,  helping employees cope with change…these topics have been around for years.  And for good reason. I don’t think I’ve had a client in the last 10 years who hasn’t said, “We’re dealing with tons of change right now.”   So it’s understandable that organizations want to address this topic.

But here’s a bit of a contrarian perspective to mull over: What if it’s not true that most of the people on your team fear change?  By assuming, as a starting point, that everyone fears change and is loathe to embrace change, are we sometimes ignoring the fact that we might be losing some of our employees who are sitting at the other end of the change spectrum?  What if we aren’t changing fast enough for some of our top-performing employees?

After all, our top performers are likely to be highly motivated, inspired, driven types who are actively seeking out new opportunities and who may get bored or even frustrated by how slowly things are changing.  Entrepreneurial-minded employees (who everyone is so anxious to cultivate these days) may easily jump ship to another more dynamic organization or leave to start their own business if they feel frustrated by the slow pace of progress.

So be careful of assuming everyone is fearful of change.

While you never want to ignore or dismiss employees’ concerns about change (some of which might be entirely valid), focusing on the top-10% of people who actively seek out and drive change may be the best strategy for moving your organization forward, as well as the best strategy for keeping those high-performing employees inspired and motivated to stay where they are!

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