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Employee Engagement: Why Workers Really Disconnect From the Job

Walking through the office hallway can make a boss feel a bit like the nerdy kid in the locker room. Just like jocks end cool conversations whenever there’s a nerd in sight, employees are constantly closing browser tabs and slamming laptops shut when their boss walks by. Whether they’re playing games, chatting on Facebook, or admiring cat memes, these workers are exhibiting a classic symptom of disengagement.

But disengagement doesn’t happen simply because employees are distracted or lazy. It happens because the game or Facebook chat or cat meme is more fulfilling to them in that moment than their work. This employee engagement guide is a great way to learn what makes employees feel fulfilled, the true cost of disengagement, and some great tips for motivating employees to plug back in to their work. Courtesy: Company Folders

Employee Engagement In The Workplace
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