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“Michael Kerr was amazing! Not only was he thoroughly entertaining but he also delivered a valuable, pertinent message at the same time. His delivery was great. I plan to apply recommendations Michael made. I would confidently recommend Michael to anyone. Great job!” Kelly Coyne, Bell Systems


1. Does Michael travel?

Of course! Michael’s programs have taken him across Canada and the United States, and even overseas to Iran.

(When Michael travels, he does his utmost to find the lowest airfares available to help keep his client’s costs as reasonable as possible).

2. How long does Michael speak for?

As long as you need him to. Michael does keynote presentations and longer, interactive training workshops.

Michael’s keynote presentation can be adjusted to suit your scheduling needs, but typically lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. One hour is the most common length for his standard keynotes.

Michael’s workshops vary from a half a day to full day presentations. For a half day workshop, Michael likes to have between 2.5 and four hours (the fee is the same regardless of the length). Many clients take advantage of Michael’s wealth of expertise by hiring him for both a keynote presentation and a breakout workshop session, sometimes on the same topic, sometimes on a completely different topic.

3. We’re not sure which topic would be best for our group/needs?

No problem! Based on your conference theme, audience and in particular, your needs and goals, Michael will suggest the perfect presentation for your group.

Michael also likes to customize his presentations, so if you see some topics from some of his other presentations that you feel would benefit your group, then let Michael know, and he will be happy to mix and match program topics to find the perfect balance for your group.

4. How do we know Michael will be a match for us?

The last thing Michael ever wants to do is speak to a group that he is not a fit for. If Michael feels that he is not the best match (hard to imagine, but it might happen!) because of the topic or audience, Michael will be pleased to recommend other speakers, trainers or speaker bureaus that may be able to help your group.

5. Does Michael have references?

Of course! You can surf on over to read testimonial quotes from some of Michael’s clients right here on his web site. As well, Michael will be pleased to pass along as many as 50 testimonial letters from former clients.

Read testimonials and rave reviews from some of Michael Kerr’s clients.

6. Does Michael provide any resource materials?

Yes. For all his business-related presentations Michael provides resource handouts such as “130 Ways to Put Humour to Work”, “30 Ways to Spark Creativity” or “Creating Inspiring Workplaces.” His materials are either made available over his website, or given out as hard copies at the event.

Michael also brings along books to give away as door prizes, and, with your permission, he can have his books, DVDs, audio CDs and mem-cards available for sale (or pre-sold at a bulk discount price) to audience members after the program. Since Michael can’t possibly share all his insights in an hour or even a day, having the books available is a great way to make sure that Michael’s fabulous messages and great content have a longer lasting impact.

Michael does NOT sell his books or CDs while speaking, preferring to have the sales mentioned by whoever is introducing Michael.

7. Some people on our committee are worried about the use of inappropriate humour, so what sort of humour does Michael use?

All of Michael’s humour is what he likes to call “safe humour”. In fact, one of Michael’s messages is that the type of humour used in a workplace should always be positive, healthy, respectful and healing humour.

8. Is Michael a comedian?

No (not that there’s anything wrong with being a comedian!). Michael is, however, a very, very funny speaker, who prides himself on delivering a lot of content (see the next question below) in an entertaining way.

Unlike a lot of “humour in the workplace” experts, Michael has worked as a senior manager, studied workplace theory for more than 15 years, and has accumulated a considerable wealth of knowledge and understanding of workplace issues. Michael is very results-oriented and is focused on delivering solid, relevant information. His depth of knowledge and practical experience as a communications manager is what allows him to also speak on other work-related topics such as communication skills, creativity and creating inspiring working environments.

9. Some of us on our committee want lots of humour; others want to make sure the presentation is relevant with good solid information. What does Michael deliver best, content or humour?

Both! Michael believes you don’t have to sacrifice fun for content, or vice versa. In fact, most of Michael’s clients praise his ability to deliver useful content in a fun, highly entertaining way.

Because some clients hire Michael for a “fun time,” while others are more focused on messages and content, Michael will work with you to determine what your objectives are, and how they can best be met.

10. Does Michael guarantee his presentations?

You bet. If you are not fully satisfied with the presentation or if the program did not achieve your stated goals, Michael will refund your entire fee.

11. How does Michael structure his fees? Will it be less expensive to hire Michael to speak to us for only half an hour vs. a full hour?

Michael has three rates, one for a keynote presentation up to and including an hour and a half, a half day rate, and a full day workshop rate.
Your investment includes all preparation and customization, resource materials, door prizes, and, depending on the size of the audience, a fun giveaway for audience members.

Michael, like most professional speakers, does NOT charge based on an hourly rate, for a number of reasons:

Michael bills travel expenses whichever way you prefer to have them handled. He can either provide an itemized travel expense claim after the presentation is completed, or submit a flat, pro-rated travel fee built up front into his speaking fee.

12. Does Michael negotiate his fees?

Very, very rarely, and typically only if there is some exceptional reason to do so, or if Michael can trade services of an equivalent value to his fees.

Michael works with a number of clients and speaker bureaus, and so in fairness to his former clients, and to the bureaus he works with, Michael needs to keep his fee consistent for the great value he offers.

Any other questions? If we haven’t answered all of your burning questions then please phone our office at 1-866-609-2640, or drop us an e-mail at and we would be pleased to respond to any and all requests as quickly as possible. If Michael is not in the office, then his talented and beautiful assistant Claudine Dumais will be able to help you.

Remember to download a complete package of Michael’s information package for all the details on his inspiring keynote talks and workshops.

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