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For More Fun at Work, Do BETTER by Doing Less!

How About Doing BETTER with Less?

Most of you know that I am a recovering government manager.

One of the phrases that drove me batty in the government was

the never-ending urge for everyone to “do more, with less.”

Now, I’m all for being efficient, especially where my tax

dollars are concerned (the tax structure seems to change every time I e-file,

but I digress.) So how about we spend more time thinking about how we

could all do BETTER by doing less?

When infamous Chef Gordon Ramsey takes over a restaurant, the

first thing he typically does is pare the menus down from

an average of 35 items to about 10. Ten dishes that they can

concentrate on doing spectacularly well.

So why not listen to Ramsey (before he yells at us),and think

about how we could all stop doing some things altogether, and

focus on doing the fewer things that we are really good at

doing, and then do them in a ridiculously awesome, out-wowing,

insanely excellent way!(Rather than trying to do 35 things

in a hit n’ miss often mediocre way?)Seems to me that doing

less BETTER is a great recipe for success, and a great way

for people to enjoy their jobs more and have more fun at work!


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, one of the many things he

did was to remove all the awards and accolades about past

achievements from the walls, because he wanted to be focused

on the future. Now I do think it’s critical to celebrate

our history and past successes, but I do love this idea:

Instead of just having an historic “wall of fame”, create a

“future success” space dedicated to photos and press clippings

and whatever highlighting works in progress and major goals

you are working towards.


Quote of the Week

“You can’t be a serious innovator unless you are ready, willing

and able to seriously play. ‘Serious play’ is not an oxymoron;

it is the essence of innovation.” Michael Schrage


It’s a Wacky World

Great news to report on the robot/romance front! Smithsonian

Magazine has reported that around the year 2050, the state of

Massachusetts will be the first jurisdiction to legalize marriage

between humans and robots! (My head is about to explode due to

the overwhelming number of jokes that one could mine from this,

so I better just leave it alone.)


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2010

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