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Four Inspiring Questions to Build a Better Workplace

Gary Hamel, author of “The Future of Management” offers three great questions that might help you create a more inspiring workplace:

1. How can you broaden the scope of employee freedom by managing less, without sacrificing focus and discipline?

2. How can you create a workplace where a true spirit of community binds people together, rather than the machinery of bureaucracy (because seriously, “machinery of bureaucracy” is a phrase no one wants to hear. Ever. Not even machinists or bureaucrats.)

3. How can you enlarge the sense of mission that people feel throughout your organization in a way that justifies EXTRAORDINARY contribution?  (Why be ordinary when you can be extra ordinary?)

Great questions to brainstorm, mull over, swirl about and swish around your hallways and boardrooms.

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t add my own question:   What are you going to do to create more fun in your workplace each and every day?

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