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Humor Resources for the Seriously Challenged: Mike’s Favorite Comedies, Sitcoms and Comedians

As someone who is always selling the benefits of humor and the need to grow and nurture a sense of humor about work, family and life in general, I often get asked to recommend funny movies, books or TV shows. This is always tricky bigstock-Funny-mask-9098551because humor truly is in the eye of the beholder. (Or should I say, in the belly of the laugher?) And it’s important to celebrate your own style of humor. Research into the effectiveness of humor shows that when hospital patients choose their own humor resources, the medicinal benefits are far greater.

A study from the University of Michigan reported in the Journal of Psychological Science also found that people who watch more comedies tend to experience more positive emotions and tend to think in more inclusive terms. Other studies have shown that watching comedies increases people’s pain tolerance (which only helps, I suppose, if you are being injured while watching your favorite sitcom, or maybe sitting in the dentist chair) and helps us think more creatively and more broadly.

Most humor experts do agree though that for the mental and physical health benefits of humor to be most effective, the humor needs to be a good match to the person’s style. Yet, according to humor researcher Herbert Lefcourt, this isn’t as easy as it might seem. Most people haven’t seriously thought about their own unique “humor print,” and some people, Lefcourt suggests, are embarrassed to admit that their favorite choice for a good chuckle-fest is a Three Stooges marathon (this is known, I believe, as “the stooge factor.)

So with that said, here are just a few of my favorite resources that have helped me laugh over the years. I’d love to hear from you though: What is your favorite all-time comedy, comedian, sitcom or funny read?

Mike’s Top-10 TV Comedy Picks (from the last 15 years+, in no particular order)

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Mike’s Top-10 Funny Movies (again, in random order…I’m not brave enough to rank them)

The best boss EVER!

The best boss EVER!

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Mike’s Top-10 Favorite Comedians (in no particular order)

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Mike’s Top-10 Funny Reads/Authors (in no particular order)

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Suggestions? Glaring omissions? Please, keep them to yourself.

I’m kidding of course. I’d love to hear your favorites. Drop me a line at

Michael Kerr is a very funny Canadian motivational speaker and international business speaker who specializes in using humor to drive success at work. 


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