Meetings that Rock! Injecting More Fun and Energy into Your Conference Meetings

In my days as a senior government manager, I recall feeling as though meetings were a place where you went to get a bit of your soul sucked out of you.Michael Kerr Photo

So I’d suggest that perhaps we should all be setting a rather loftier goal for our meetings and events. And while we’re reaching those loftier goals, why not turn the entire meeting experience into more of an inspiring experience by adding more fun into the mix?

Injecting more fun into your meetings won’t unto itself guarantee your meeting is a success, but it just might help draw more bums into the seats, keep folks awake and away from the swimming pools, and leave attendees feeling so good that they’re already planning to attend next year’s event before they’ve even hauled their bums from the seats.

Here are a few random ideas on how to up the fun factor in your next meeting.

Set the Tone before the Meeting  

Kick Off   

During the Meeting

After the Meeting 

As you can appreciate there truly is an endless number of ways to inject a bit, or a lot, of fun into your meetings. Depending on the size and nature of your meeting some of these ideas may be too “out there” for your next event, but with a little imagination and input from meeting attendees there are countless simple things any meeting organizers can do to up the fun factor.

Michael Kerr is listed as one of Canada’s most in-demand speakers. He is a Hall of Fame international business speaker and very funny motivational speaker who researches, writes and speaks about how to create workplaces that ROCK! His latest soon-to-be-released into the wild book is called “The Humor Advantage: Why Some Business are Laughing all the Way to the Bank.”



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