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The Office Commute – May the Farce Be With You

Even the term “commute” has a foreboding sense about it (it sounds like a tropical disease – “I’ve just come down with a bad case of commute”).

Lousy weather, too many cars on too few roads, inconsiderate drivers (a polite euphemism for &^*^* drivers) and pot holes the size of Manitoba are just a few of the aggravations awaiting commuters. No wonder so many workers are basket cases before they’ve even started their workday.

So if you’re a road warrior, consider the following emergency roadside humor tips to remind yourself that when it comes to your emotions, you truly are in the driver’s seat.

Lighten up your car’s physical environment. Post funny photos on the dashboard, hang a “Lighten Up!” reminder on your mirror, or install funny fake buttons (“Ejection Seat!” or “Warp bigstock-stop-rat-race-stressful-modern-42062869Drive”) on your dashboard.

Create a technology-free zone in your car (it’s difficult enough keeping a sense of humor without jabbering on the cell or teleconferencing at 120 kilometers per hour).

Listen to comedy CDs, radio stations, or podcasts.

Find silly ways to relax when the going doesn’t get going. Blow bubbles, put on a clown nose, sing along to the news, practice your favorite impersonations, or make funny faces in the mirror (and preferably not to the other drivers).

Keep a running list of funny bumper stickers to share with co-workers and have a “Funniest Bumper Sticker of the Month” award at your office.

Keep a running list of the funny accidentally funny signs you see on stores or billboards, such as,  “Eat Here and Get Gas!”

Find humorous ways to mentally re-frame those annoying drivers. For example, actually visualize the “jackass” driving the Ferrari or the “bonehead” in the Ford. I had some audience members who told me they created hilarious imaginary stories about drivers that were annoying them to help them relax.

Institute a monthly “Worst Commute of the Month” prize in your office to reward someone who really needs it.

Start some funny carpooling traditions. Begin each Monday morning car pool with a prize for the best joke or hold trivia contests to see who springs for the morning coffee and doughnut fix.

Happy trails folks – and may the farce be with you!

Michael Kerr is an international motivational business speaker, trainer and author of “the Humor Advantage,” “You Can’t Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work” and “Inspiring Workplaces.” You can reach Michael at 1-(866)-609-2640 or . For more humor at work articles, DVDs and other humor at work resources, surf on over to .


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