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As a sought-after international business speaker, author, and expert on inspiring workplaces, workplace culture, humor in the workplace, inspiring leadership, and inspiring, offbeat customer service examples, Michael Kerr is frequently asked to appear on both television and radio interviews on a number of topics, and is, as you can see below, frequently quoted in the print media.

Michael is extremely responsive to reporters’ requests, easy to work with, and reliable. If you would like to interview Michael Kerr or would like a customized sample of some of his suggested interview questions, please contact our office at or call 866-609-2640.  And scroll down to the bottom of this page for a list of suggested topics!


Here is a sampling of various media articles, programs, books, and magazines where Michael Kerr’s ideas have been quoted or featured:

A Small Sample of Suggested/Potential Media Topics:

  • Why workplace culture is currently all the rage
  • How the workplace is changing
  • Why great leaders need to develop a sense of humor
  • What are the pitfalls when it comes to leaders and businesses using humor?
  • Is great customer service dying and what can be done to save it?
  • Why workplace communication is everything and everything is communication
  • Outrageous ways companies are attracting new employees and keeping them happy and loyal
  • Is employee loyalty really dead?
  • How can subversive humor at work be a good thing?
  • How can businesses really laugh all the way to the bank?
  • Outrageous, creative ways businesses are using social media to market to their clients and brand their business
  • Is there such a thing as a safe workplace prank?
  • What do you do when your joke backfires in front of your coworkers or a customer?
  • Offbeat, funny workplace rituals and traditions
  • How anyone can be funnier giving a business presentation
  • Death by meetings: what businesses are doing to shake up their meetings and bring them to life!
  • Is it a good idea to bring your sense of humor to work? How do you have fun at work without getting fired?
  • Do teams tat laugh together really work better together?
  • Why Ha + Ha = AHA!  How humor and play at work drives creativity and innovation
  • What can politicians’ use of humor teach us about leadership and communication?


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