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Your Guide to the Real Home Office Technology

Do you want to become the envy of the working world and out-class the techno-nerds from your last job? Is your home office equipped to get the job done properly? I’m not talking about the latest photcopier, guy with head inin lap top technology or home office copiers. What I’m referring to is the real equipment –  the technology that truly distinguishes you as a serious home office worker, the equipment you depend on to survive and the technology that helps you cope with managing a home business.

I’m referring, of course,  to the television, VCR, and coffee maker. I’m talking about a fridge with enough room to stash a year’s worth of supplies. And, yes, I’m speaking of the latest in recliner chair technology.

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Think about it for a minute. Why would we work out of our homes unless we had all these resources at our fingertips? Without them we might as well set up shop in the nearest high rise. With them, we become the envy of the working world.

If you’re not adequately equipped with the latest in technology, don’t despair, I’m here to help:

VCR: You need a VCR with on-screen programming to facilitate taping of shows that, due to  inconsiderate clients, you’ve missed because they couldn’t be bothered to work their schedule around Oprah.

A remote control is a must for changing channels from the comfort of your office chair. Mute buttons with on-screen closed captioning lets you enjoy your favorite shows while  discussing important business matters over the phone.

A good coffee maker is clearly the most important investment in home office technology. It should be big (forget those gerbil-sized models, you’ll need one that makes enough coffee to force Juan Valdez into early retirement) and have an automatic timer so you can prepare coffee days or even weeks in advance of when you need it. A built-in timer can remind you to refill at regular 15 minute intervals.

Fridge: Most people own a fridge, but here are some considerations, to, well, consider.  First, location – is your fridge between the office and washroom, thus facilitating regular stops while en route? Next, consider space management within the refrigerator. Are snack foods laid out to maximize viewing opportunities?  (Note: hiring a fridge interior designer may sound excessive, but trust me, you’ll be spending copious amounts of time standing with the fridge door open and proper design saves hundreds of dollars a month in electrical bills).  Finally, consider a compact fridge right in your office. Although this eliminates the fun of strolling over to the refrigerator, it does facilitate frequent and easy inspections of your food cache.

Telephone: You’ll need a good quality cordless phone so you can answer calls from the bathtub,  patio hammock, hot tub or fridge and still sound like you’re working busily away in your office.

Exercise equipment: A treadmill with lap top plug-in and attachments for your remote controls allows you to get work done while pretending to drop calories and still managing to stay in one place for long stretches of time. Of course, you can avoid the whole hypocrisy thing and leave the Trunk Trimmer 2000 in the basement where it was clearly intended for in the first place.

Recliner chair: Recliner chairs are making a comeback, and it’s no wonder. They now come equipped with built-in massagers, heaters, coffee cup holders, lap top plug-ins, fold-out table tops and enough storage space to fit all your home office supplies. With a cordless phone, television remote control in hand and a custom designed built-in fridge, you’ll never have to work upright again.

I hope this guide helps, especially those of you new to the home office scene.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to raise my footrest, lower my chair back a few notches, turn on the hockey game and get back to work.

Copyright Michael Kerr. Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame international business speaker, very funny motivational speaker, trainer, and author of six books, including Inspiring Workplaces and The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank.

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