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Fun Office Toys for More Humor in the Workplace

There’s nothing trivial about creating a more fun and creative office working environment. One simple way to do add more fun is to stock up on fun props.  You can create a humor first aid kit for your workplace, create a humor room, or just have the fun props on hand in case of a “serious” emergency!

You can also use the props for business presentations or to add some fun to your next creative brainstorming session!

Creating a playful atmosphere that incorporates some fun office props sends the message that you don’t take yourself too seriously.  It can also help people think more creative, after all, HA + HA = AHA!   A sense of playfulness and humor really is important for creating a more innovative workplace.

Watch the video to get a few ideas on what props you might be able to use, and where you can order them from:

[ Fun Props for a Fun Office ]

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