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Fun Workplaces Attracts Employees

Fun Attracts Customers AND Employees

Southwest Airlines has earned a reputation as being one of the

most successful airlines in the world,  due mostly to its amazing culture. Southwest Airlines truly values their

employees, values their customers, and values having fun at work. Not only does a

fun-loving workplace attract customers, it also attracts

employees. In 2006, for example, SWA received 284,827 resumes.

With the recession it’s easy to forget that, owing largely to

changing demographics, we will likely soon be experiencing a

massive labor shortage. But naturally, anyone who has candidates

already lining up will be much better positioned to find

exceptionally well-qualified, enthusiastic people.


2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Try this contest in your workplace: “If my organization/team/

business were a t-shirt, this is what it would say. . .”

Then have people/teams print it up on a t-shirt and hold a

mock fashion show to model the slogans and award a prize for the

best slogan. It’s a fun way to tap into the real truth about what

employees really think your workplace culture is all about!


3. Deep Thought of the Week

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.”


4. It’s a Wacky World

A couple of special days coming up that you really ought to take

part in: November 19 is Have a Bad Day Day, November 20 is

Absurdity Day, November 21 is World Hello Day, November 22 is

Start Your Own Country Day and November 24 (my personal fave’)

is Use Even if Seal is Broken Day!

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